East Africa Auto Market

Kenya is the biggest auto market in East African region. New auto sales face fierce competition from second hand imported cars mainly from Japan, Singapore and United Kingdom. However, new vehicles have recently registered an improvement in vehicle sales.
Sales for new vehicles is expected to grow as the Government introduces a directive requiring that all government fleet requirements are met by vehicles with a 45% local content minimum. New vehicles are assumed to meet the criteria. Corporate consumer also buy only new vehicles and constitute a very important component of the market.

Competitive Advantage

› Introducing leading global brands with no dealer support locally.
› Introducing popular brands that are available as direct imports but lack dedicated dealer support network.
› Introducing reputable brands not available locally.
› Great emphasis and focus on customer care and preferences.
› Targeting all models of vehicles that are becoming very popular.
› Innovative financing options in partnerships with local commercial banks.
› Unequal after sales support.